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Who Wants to Bike to Gaza City?

I remember hearing the siren and my dad taking me down the big concrete stairs to a crawl space under our house and into a nest of sandbags. I was nine years old. This was the opening salvo of the 1967 war between Israel and her neighbors. I remember a mixture of excitement and fear…. Read More »

Power of Bro Unleashed

We planned, we trained, we rode, we filmed and last week we projected our story on to a large screen in front of 300 people. We held nothing back – balls to the wind – the good, the bad and the ugly were on display for all to see and ponder. We are not actors… Read More »

It all started with a bike ride – see the movie!

My brother Eyal and I were so focused on riding our tandem Camello from Jerusalem to Eilat that we didn’t notice the other riders. Eyal suffers from Parkinson’s and heart disease and we decided to take a stand against these ailments by riding across Israel to our home town of Eilat with the Hazon Israel… Read More »

Power of Bro’

My brother Eyal and I were raised in paradise. It was the early 60’s in Israel and we had it all, loving parents, a carefree lifestyle and plenty of adventure that would need to sustain us for the years to come. When we reached college age, we went our separate ways. I became a world… Read More »

How far would you go to make a difference in a stranger’s life?

I know exactly how far I will: three hundred miles that’s how far my team will pedal next November to raise $10,000 for a bunch of people we never met. Even though we don’t know their names we know their mission. These students all work together to solve critical environmental and social issues in the Middle East.

Shake, Rattle & Roll: Ride into the future

Looking at my brother, who is spinning with a shoe that Willy Loman wore in Death of Salesman, I know that I have much more inspiring to do before he hops on one of these steel horses by his own choice. But right now it’s February in snowy NY and the only place you can keep such a hairy idea alive is in

A Hairy Yaari Challenge

Here is my vision — Eyal and I riding on a tandem bike screaming across the road to Eilat, the destination of a 300 mile ride. Oren is somewhere up ahead and the Shake, Rattle and Roll team is nearing the end of one heck of an amazing journey. A year in the making. But every journey has a beginning and this one starts out in the emergency room.