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Yoga in The Wild

It’s 4:30 AM – the last bits of the full moon are bouncing of the canyon walls casting enough light to make getting out of my sleeping bag a real option. It’s already warm out and my travel yoga mat is unrolled on the hard sand by the murmuring river. Everyone else is asleep and… Read More »

Where Prana meets Mana…

Before I stepped through the door, I knew there was something special about Pineapple Yoga, in Kilauea, Kauai, and its teacher named Eagle. A simple sign in front of a community hall announced the space was open for practice. No props, no boutique or bookstore, just a picture of Guruji (Patthabi Jois) overlooking a large… Read More »

Father and Son Cleanse

Photo by Rob Goldman “Dad, the stuff smelled like butt.” That’s how my 16 year old son, Oren, summed up his first day at school eating the khichari (Ayurveda vegetarian meal) that I packed for him. For whatever perverse reason, my son has no lunch period, so he’s forced to eat during class. Imagine sitting… Read More »

The Body & Soul of Jeff Logan

It’s 4:15 AM and there is no need for an alarm clock. Jeff Logan is already awake and about to take his daily yoga practice. He has been practicing for 32 years, 6 days a week and aside from Sundays, Jeff never takes a break. For Jeff, yoga is not optional; it’s his lifeline to… Read More »

Samurai Warrior II

What’s the difference between a physical and spiritual practice? My yoga teacher Sara explained it this way “Let your asana, the practice, be your daily offering at the altar of your higher self.” And although Sara has two youngsters, including a 4 year-old boy with autism, she begins her daily practice a 4 AM without… Read More »

The Yoga Of Instagram

Side Plank Yoga Pose

It was bound to happen. I’m a yogi, a photographer and I Instagram (IG). Sooner or later I was going to fall into the rabbit hole of yoga photography and the 30 day challenges on Instagram. And fall I did. I realized that everyone on IG who owns a pair of yoga pants, a smart… Read More »

Awesome Takes Practice

Yoga Sling

It’s still dark out and my watch just beeped. There are a gazillion reasons not to get up and prepare my body for practice. My wrist, back, and shoulder are sore and it’s cold outside and warm under my blanket. I just want to sleep today. But without practicing, my yoga and meditation are just… Read More »

The Teacher Within

“Ronen, please lead us through Suryanamaskara A.” David Swenson, one of the most senior Ashtanga yoga teachers around, motioned me to the front of the class to kick off a week-long Ashtanga yoga teacher training course at Kaia Yoga. I was the only non-teacher in the room and was very happy to remain that way…. Read More »

Creating Space

  There’s nothing like a sweaty yoga sequence to inspire my instructor to expound about space. She insists that yoga is all about creating space between the shoulders and the ears, behind the shoulder blades, between the vertebrae, around the hips, and even between the toes. I wipe away the sweat running down my scalp… Read More »

Fit With a Reason

Imagine that I can wake up on any given day and decide to hop on a bike and ride across a continent, or walk across a mountain range, or kayak across a sound, or whatever I dream up and really do it. I spent years getting my body and mind honed into an adventure machine…. Read More »