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Awesome Takes Practice

Yoga Sling

It’s still dark out and my watch just beeped. There are a gazillion reasons not to get up and prepare my body for practice. My wrist, back, and shoulder are sore and it’s cold outside and warm under my blanket. I just want to sleep today. But without practicing, my yoga and meditation are just… Read More »

Confessions From A Food Cleanse

Kitchadi for food cleansing

When I started practicing yoga, nothing much changed. I continued with my work, ate the same types of food, and hung out with the same people. But with time, the mindfulness that I cultivate on the mat is seeping into all aspects of my life—which includes my eating habits. And these habits — along with… Read More »

The Teacher Within

“Ronen, please lead us through Suryanamaskara A.” David Swenson, one of the most senior Ashtanga yoga teachers around, motioned me to the front of the class to kick off a week-long Ashtanga yoga teacher training course at Kaia Yoga. I was the only non-teacher in the room and was very happy to remain that way…. Read More »

Coffee With David – Read All About It

A few years ago, I wound up in a rented apartment in Jerusalem with a bike and several weeks with not much to do. Even better, my good friend David – who runs Tmol-Shilshom, the best bookstore café in Israel — volunteered to be my guide. A few times a week, he showed up at… Read More »

Change is good… you go first!

The first time I heard the expression “change is good” was during a corporate retreat. The VP of marketing kicked off his presentation with one simple black and white overhead slide proclaiming that Change Is Good! Later that year, as part of the” change,” I was downsized and subsequently launched OpenMoves.  Not sure if that’s… Read More »

Back to the future – the sequel

For the past 20 years, I spent most of my working hours sitting and staring into a screen. That’s about 30,000 hours’ worth. During those years I exercised at least an hour a day, which was a good thing but not good enough to neutralize the additional forces that were grinding my disks while I… Read More »

People of the word

I have a problem with integrity and I need some help. You know the type. They are always on time, every time and sometimes ahead of time. And if they are going to be late, they let you know. And if they say they are going to do something, it gets done. I always assumed… Read More »

Creating Space

  There’s nothing like a sweaty yoga sequence to inspire my instructor to expound about space. She insists that yoga is all about creating space between the shoulders and the ears, behind the shoulder blades, between the vertebrae, around the hips, and even between the toes. I wipe away the sweat running down my scalp… Read More »

Life by design

Omega Tent

  Nearly 35 years ago –ouch– I fell in love with the long distance adventure. I loved the nomadic lifestyle, living close to nature and the teamwork of expeditions. I traded the career ladder and the commitments that my peers shouldered for the promise of the next quest. It was during those years — when… Read More »

Let Them Go and Wait for to the TEXT

From the moment my kids were born they started to leave. Think about it, parenting is really one long goodbye. They move out of your bed to the crib, they let go of your hand and walk away, they board a yellow bus, they go away to camp, they drive away, they travel abroad, they… Read More »