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Rock me Mama anyway you feel

It must be a midlife crisis, but at the age of 54 I’m questioning my ability to love. Could it be that what I’ve been calling love all these years has been nothing but lust, insecurity and the need for control? I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t tell my wife Elizabeth “I… Read More »

The Tesla Dare

I vowed that my next car was not going to set tire treads in a gas station. I have a solar powered house and the idea of plugging my next car into my roof gives me a green thrill, even if it doesn’t make much practical sense-yet. Last week I prodded my partner Amir, who… Read More »

Wi-Fire: Smoke Signals Are Back

Wi-Fire pit

Last Sunday I lit the fire pit on my deck and sat there waiting for peace. I shut down the Wi-Fi and instead turned on my Wi-Fire trying to connect to a more primitive state of being. But peace did not come. There were leaf-blowers, kids needing rides and wives wanting things planted here and… Read More »

It’s Mom Time

I can’t imagine a street that offers more gifts per square inch and the perfect place to find a Mother’s Day gift, than Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY. I walked in and out of every shop leaving incredible goodies behind. But deep down I knew that this was a waste of time; what she really… Read More »

Coffee With David – Read All About It

A few years ago, I wound up in a rented apartment in Jerusalem with a bike and several weeks with not much to do. Even better, my good friend David – who runs Tmol-Shilshom, the best bookstore café in Israel — volunteered to be my guide. A few times a week, he showed up at… Read More »

People of the word

I have a problem with integrity and I need some help. You know the type. They are always on time, every time and sometimes ahead of time. And if they are going to be late, they let you know. And if they say they are going to do something, it gets done. I always assumed… Read More »

Let Them Go and Wait for to the TEXT

From the moment my kids were born they started to leave. Think about it, parenting is really one long goodbye. They move out of your bed to the crib, they let go of your hand and walk away, they board a yellow bus, they go away to camp, they drive away, they travel abroad, they… Read More »

Dream BHAG but practice small in 2013

BHAGs or Big Hairy Audacious Goals maybe an overkill. At the beginning of each year I normally sit cross-legged on some rock and try hard to come up with a resolution/goal that would top last year’s doings. Then I focus all year on getting it done. Since beginning to meditate regularly, I am realizing that being… Read More »

i-Tribe – So Close and Yet So Far

The nature of relationships has changed and there is no going back. Yes, we still need to gather around the hearth with our buds, share a meal and a warm hug, but being completely present in a physical gathering maybe a thing of the past. To my dismay, I recently discovered that the younger members… Read More »

Unconditional Care

I got a preview of what care is all about. Charles, Elizabeth’s dad who suffers from the effects of mini strokes and Parkinson’s, came to us on a one way ticket from England. His wife needed a reprieve and Elizabeth stepped in unconditionally. She dressed, fed, washed, peed, and walked him. She took him to… Read More »