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Dharma Vigilante

Sandy Relief Center in Sayville

When disaster strikes – like hurricane Sandy – where instant pain and devastation is everywhere, is where you will find them. They are the ones that can mobilize needed help from those who have to those who need with the least amount of fuss.

Armed with smart phones, social media tools and the right intention, these folks are ready to give service, or dharma. They are aware that we must load balance resources to places that need help. It’s that simple.

One of these dharma vigilantes is my good friend Tina. After the storm she saw a need — and using Facebook she mobilized donations of clothing and food to the hardest hit areas — within a couple of days she needed to move her fledgling operation center to a larger facility.

I caught up with her amidst a swirl of volunteers in the old library in Sayville. I pulled my van into the driveway and by the time I switched off the ignition, scores of helping hands were unloading and sorting the donated goods

This week-old-operation smacked of bustle and efficiency. In the middle of it all, Tina is directing traffic. She surveys all the goods she’s helped amass and she’s already on to the next thing. Getting rid of it all and delivering it to the hands of those who need it. I love the relentless focus and clarity.

This grassroots effort is a stark reminder not to outsource all our local responsibility to the government. There is much we can do by rolling up our sleeves and working with our friends.

Tina — Thanks for the spark!

  • You owned me.. You’re totally right problbay. Lol mate it’s just that i love Star Wars so much and all that so i can’t let it down haha xD But you know your facts. I respect your for that!

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