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For Sale: Semi-recumbent tandem bicycle, Bilenky Viewpoint

Bilenky Viewpoint For Sale…

Bilenky Viewpoint Tandem

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Our beloved Camello is looking for a new owner. She has been ridden about 1K miles mostly on Long Island and on one epic adventure in Israel as featured in the documentary the Power of Bro, see the movie. So she holds lots of good karma and healing powers.

We bought her so my brother and I can ride across Israel. My brother has Parkinson’s and this was the only way were going to be able to do it together. Camello works great for riders with different abilities. A marvel of engineering.

We outfitted her with upgraded gears, brakes, tires, index shifters, drive train, cargo bag. And paddles to clip into for both riders.

Some of the highlights:

  • Fully Built Deluxe Sport Viewpoint (new with upgrades would sale new for $6,250)
  • Enjoy conversation with your riding partner
  • Semi independent pedaling between riders for different abilities
  • Clear view for both riders
  • Custom paint job
  • Custom cargo bag
  • Clip on peddles front and rear
  • Mint condition – only ridden for 1,000 miles (otherwise garaged)
  • Easily transported on standard car bike racks
  • Take off the front seat, add a basket – presto – CARGO bike!

Lots of photos here or click on the image below.

The stoker has his/her own bar end shifter for their own 7-speed cassette and derailleur, and can coast while Captain is pedaling. Stoker also controls the rear break and front disk brake. Truly independent system that is very simple and reliable- they are regular production bike components!

Built by Stephen Bilenky in Philadelphia, with upgrades. Sram paddle index shifters, Sram 6X derailleur (rear) and Shimano XTR (front). Both riders have clip on paddles, the front pair also have a toe clip option. Avid disk brake in the front. Velocity rims and performance tires delivers strength to support a tandem ride. Double leg Esge kickstand. The bike is approximately 4 years old and has been  ridden in the Israel Ride and some local training rides. Camello has been garaged for the past 3 years.

The paint job is nearly flawless, mechanically the bike is in new shape, tuned and ready to ride. Easily adaptable for a special needs stoker. The frame is 22″ from center BB to bottom of top tube (measured along the seat tube) Top tube is 22.75″ from center of head tube to center of seat tube. I am 5’11”, 32″ inseam, and have 2 inches of stand-over clearance. The boom adjusts for stoker fit, even for a full 6’ stoker. Also, the boom folds for smaller storage and transport package.

Price is $4,950 plus shipping from 11743, or pick up. We are selling because we are moving on to kayaking…

If you are interested in enjoying and caring for Camello next, please email: or call: 631.424.3686

Lots of photos here.

Viewpoint Semi-Recumbent Tandem

Viewpoint Semi-Recumbent Tandem


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