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I’m down to Oatmeal. Not made with whole milk, Quaker oats or brown sugar, but with organic oats, organic rice milk, Vermont grade maple syrup and raisins. It seems like the perfect food: no gluten, no lactose, and no refined sugar. It’s sweet, rich and sticks to your ribs. Great for digestion, smooth skin, low… Read More »

Father and Son Cleanse

Photo by Rob Goldman “Dad, the stuff smelled like butt.” That’s how my 16 year old son, Oren, summed up his first day at school eating the khichari (Ayurveda vegetarian meal) that I packed for him. For whatever perverse reason, my son has no lunch period, so he’s forced to eat during class. Imagine sitting… Read More »

Temple of The Heart

Ever the observer, I walked around the temple at Burning Man absorbing and recording the spectacle of human grief. Here in the middle of the Black Rock City desert looms a temporary temple dedicated to the broken hearts of those who take part in Burning Man. Amongst the notes, pictures and personal articles carefully placed… Read More »

Who Wants to Bike to Gaza City?

I remember hearing the siren and my dad taking me down the big concrete stairs to a crawl space under our house and into a nest of sandbags. I was nine years old. This was the opening salvo of the 1967 war between Israel and her neighbors. I remember a mixture of excitement and fear…. Read More »

Giving Silence…

Time in the car with a teenager is coveted time. A parent’s natural inclination is to fill that space with questions, suggestions and advice and make it a “bonding experience.” But, while driving my son this week I gave into silence. It has made me more aware of our thoughts and the space between our… Read More »

The Ultimate Connection: Intimacy


Every day I manage scores of relationships, some professional some personal. My day is filled with likes, friends, followers, emails, texts, comments, posts and voice mails. My social net is wide, but it may also be shallow. What am I missing? My friend David, #tmolshilshomcafe #author, always questioned my social networking wizardry. He doesn’t spend… Read More »

To ask or not to ask?

Asking you to read my blog is one thing, but asking you to donate money is quite another. No matter how worthwhile the cause, I dislike doing it. It’s imposing, and if my choice in charity differs from yours, I’d risk the delete button, or worse. A friend told me that my fundraising efforts are… Read More »

Level 3 Giving

I’m not the jealous type, but I’m envious of my brother. His friend Charles brings him a fresh container of pomegranate seeds every week. A pomegranate is not like an apple or a banana; someone has to find it, peel it, and carefully collect the hundreds of seeds. It’s a mouth watering gastronomic experience that… Read More »

Doing the right thing will do

It was another networking meeting and I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I got out my pencil and started to doodle in my notebook – expecting the keynote speaker to preach about growth and profits. But she didn’t. Instead, she spoke about a fire that nearly wiped out their business and the leadership… Read More »

Celebrating Impermanence

It struck me like a two-by-four. My teeth are going to fall out sooner rather than later and there is nothing I can do about it. While I was staring at a fresh set of dental x-rays, my less-than-diplomatic dentist delivered the prognoses: “Your gums are receding at an alarming rate and now the bone… Read More »